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Our regular readers may not know it, but the Royal Bacon Society has an unspoken mission to provide substance to the lives of Bruces everywhere. Well, not really. But we’ve inadvertantly done so in one case by keeping my good friend, we’ll just call him “Georgia Bruce,” gainfully employed. He sees how lazy I’ve become and does his best to keep me moving with fun new products to share with you. He has rightfully dubbed himself contributor-at-large, although the last time I saw him he didn’t look one bit larger than he was in high school. To give even greater, ahem, Lose Weight Exercise to his position, he reminds me that a contributor from the deep South will lend an air of credibility to the site that has heretofore been lacking. So there you have it. RBS is now officially a credible bacon site. And it only took 2 years!

First let’s revisit our friends at Lollyphile. To my knowledge they were the first to commercially develop a maple-bacon lollipop. Now they’ve taken that innovation a step further and made it into an energy pop! Yes, it’s a caffeinated maple-bacon pop to get you through the afternoon doldrums. Forget the espresso, skip the mega-cans of energy drinks. Get all the zing you need from candy-on-a-stick…everything tastes better on a stick!

bacon-necktieNext we have a little something to snazz up your business attire. Got an important meeting with the CEO? Now you can show him or her that you’re serious enough to wear a tie, but confident enough to bring your sense of humor to the game. The Sizzlin’ Bacon Tie by Smoked Bacon Neckwear, now on sale for just $12! This is the perfect Father’s Day gift. (You heard me, Bruce’s kids; this was his idea.)

Thanks, Bruce, for the ongoing content. And for letting me steal all your best puns! As if you had a choice.

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