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When my husband became enamored of Eggs Benedict, I learned to make them at home. The hollandaise is time-consuming, but not as difficult as I had imagined. The egg poaching, however, I never quite mastered. Instead, I bought these handy egg frying rings from Williams Sonoma. They make the perfect size and shape of egg for an English muffin. And although I haven’t quite poached eggs in them, with a lid and a little water, they’re more steamed than fried.

Anyhow, the other day I wanted bacon & eggs. I didn’t want the eggs scrambled, but I wanted the bacon to be more incorporated–more a part of the eggs. That’s when I had this brainstorm: Line the egg rings with fried bacon, creating a bacon-wrapped egg! I immediately set to work.

First I fried three slices of bacon. I was using center cut, and was afraid a single slice wouldn’t go all the way around the ring. I was right. But a slice and a half was just the perfect amount. I might use 2 slices per ring next time, just for fun.

Next I added the eggs and a little salt and pepper. Once the eggs started to firm on the bottom, I put a little water in the pan and threw on a lid.

Finally, when the eggs were cooked enough to flip, I removed the rings and turned the eggs for a nice over-medium. They don’t look all that pretty, but I was totally satisfied with the flavor. These are destined to be a weekend regular at my house.


  • We did a similar thing, but with a muffin tin. The photo is the one on top of I was surprised at how well they turn out this way. Thanks for the recipe.

  • These look great . How creative and I love the idea using the egg rings. I have them but hardly ever use them.

    Time to try this now.

  • Anon 1:50 says:


    I’d like that on toast with a dash of ketchup, please!

    A wonderful breakfast sandwich that should hold together!

    One of my breakfast innovations involves draining a can of those little potatoes, smashing them up (in the can) with a wooden spoon handle and browning them.

    I wonder what they would be like as a layer in your ring…? A microfrittata?

  • G. Phillip Stettner says:

    Try this. Fry the bacon until cooked but not crisp. Line muffin tin holes with a slice of bacon. Drop in a tbsp of buttered Ritz cracker crumbs. Crack an egg in each. Bake at 350 for 12-15 mins.

  • Marianne says:

    Wow, what great ideas! I’ll try them both. I’m especially keen on the frittata idea, ’cause I’m a potato whore. Plus, they would keep the bacon in it’s place better, and help fill up the ring of bacon, which tends to just flop over into the egg.


  • Mike! says:

    I offer two refinements that I’ve used to make this work better for me. First, I make the first layer in the ring a teaspoon of horseradish. That provides a buffer layer to keep the bottom of the eggs from burning. Second, I start with a 375 oven, but after about three minutes I switch to my broiler on high — this helps cook the tops of the eggs faster.

    Viva la bacon!

  • Congrats on your experiment on this creative recipe:)

    This would make a great egg sandwich with bacon flavor!

    Thanks for sharing.

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