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When I walk down State Street during the day, it seems like 50% of the people I encounter are listening to their iPods. (Or whatever. I call every mp3 player an iPod, just like I call all colas Coke and all tissue Kleenex.) If all those people are like me, their iPods are getting scratched and dinged and losing that beautiful, clean white look that makes Apple products so visually appealing. Whatever will we do?

BACONATE IT! Wrap your iPod in the warm embrace of bacon-print felt and it will feel warm and cozy all winter long. Yeah, I know this is really for the iPhone, but I’m not as cool as my husband so I’m still rockin’ the Blackjack. So okay, wrap your iPhone in bacon for all I care. You’ll probably still be listening to music on it as you walk down the main drag and that, my friend, makes it an iPod.

I know what you’re thinking now. “Marianne, where do I get this modern marvel?!” Well kids, you’ll have to order it from Germany at a rate of 27 Euros (including shipping). At today’s very reasonable exchange rate, I think that’s about $35 American dollars. Sound steep for a felt phone case? Well allow me to remind you: It looks like bacon! Need I say more?

Thank you, Sean, for being such a technogeek.

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