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Roy's Bacon-Wrapped FiletAs I mentioned yesterday, we had one heck of a party to celebrate our good friend Naseem last weekend. Wine tasting was followed by wine drinking, followed by many taxi-cabs and occasionally getting shushed by my husband for talking too loud. (Me?!)

Dinner was held at one of our local favorites, Roy. Not only are the food and cocktails great, but there’s ambience to boot. There are rotating art shows and a huge neon Jolly Tiger sign, a vestige of the old days when the place was half restaurant (Roy) and half bar (Jolly Tiger). Back in the old days we’d go to the Jolly Tiger to watch local bands, and be driven crazy by the delicious smells eminating from the other side of the wall. Everything on the menu was $10, and farmer’s market fresh. Good times.

While the menu is no longer $10, the food is still fresh and delicious. Most nights you’ll find Roy working the kitchen, the bar, and the room. We were honored to have Roy himself present Naseem with his famous flourless chocolate torte, and bang a drum while the staff sang Happy Birthday. But perhaps the highlight of the whole dinner experience was this beautiful bacon-wrapped filet. A party’s just not a party without some bacon thrown in. And on. And around.

So once again, happy birthday Naseem! May bacon follow you all of your days.

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