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Wow. You have to go check out this amazing, step-by-step recipe/photo journal of a breakfast cake. At first sight, I wasn’t overly excited, because it just looks like cake. But you have to read through the whole process. This thing has every delicious breakfast ingredient imaginable: bacon, sausage, peppers, eggs, cheese, Bisquick, and country gravy for frosting. Freaking GENIUS. I kid you not, I will be making this recipe tomorrow morning. Except my country gravy will be made with bacon instead of sausage. Sausage gravy is tres inferieur.

I can’t stop being in awe. I want this breakfast cake now. Thanks to the amazing innovators at the blog Veripolis, and thanks to Holly for bringing this recipe to my attention.

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  • christine says:

    i have to know the verdict! so, how was the breakfast cake? my birthday is not until february. dang.

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