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Happy Thanksgiving!

So after years of Marianne raving about Thanksgiving at her house, I am finally going to be attending her feast today.  I was so excited yesterday (and still am today!) that I spent the evening creating a gift for Marianne  to thank her for being such a great friend and for cooking Thanksgiving dinner for about a dozen Santa Barbara orphans.

Duh – of course it was a bacon gift!!! I sewed up these two little munchkins you see in the pic above with felt, stuffing, pipe cleaners, a glass of wine, and two kittens who discovered pipe cleaners are their new favorite toy.  They have removable hats so I can make them Santa hats and devil horns for future holidays, or just leave them in their naked bacon glory.  They’re about 10 inches tall and wonderfully plush and bendy.  I get the feeling these will either end up in Marianne’s nephew’s grubby little hands or in Brutus’ bacon-loving mouth today. I can’t wait!

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!

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