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Grr’s bacon soap experiment (see Wednesday’s post) was such a hit with you interwebbers, I thought we ought to give you the tools to make your very own bacon soap! And thanks to all the goofy and talented people who contribute to Instructables, we now have step by step directions. I know a lot of you are crafty, much craftier than I. If you’re the kind of person whose friends and family can’t wait to see what awesome homemade thing they’ll get in their stocking this year, bacon and eggs soap might just do the trick.

Be forewarned: It takes more than 2 weeks to make this soap, thanks to all that poisonous lye. I’ve searched for a lye-free version, but sadly bacon fat just isn’t that good for washing without it. Even if you don’t plan to make your own soap, this video is worth the watch. Frankly, the fact that this guy took the time to make it look like bacon impressed the heck out of me. I would have been happy with just the smell.

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