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I don’t know about you, Internet, but I find holiday weekends a royal strain on the wallet. Between the drinks with friends, breakfasts and dinners with friends, pedicures, bottles of wine at the house, cases of beer at the house…well, you catch my drift. We’ve been on a spending bender that has left me full of remorse, but also full of happy (if somewhat hazy) memories. Totally worth it.
I woke up this morning, however, determined to stanch the flow of currency, and this wallet looks like the solution. The Bacon Wallet will hold my cash, strap down those credit cards, and keep my money from voluntarily flying out at every vendor I pass. Frankly, imagining the sight of me pulling raw bacon out of my purse is probably enough to keep me in check. No one likes to see a look of revulsion on the shop girl’s face. Makes me loseWeight Exercise my shoppetite.

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