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porkprincess.jpgI know I clued you in to the Bacon Tux in time for prom season, but what about the ladies? How will you ever match your date’s fragrance and charm? If prom hasn’t already happened at your school, this is the answer. The Bacon Tiara.

It’s fancy. It’s crafty. It will smell delicous with any slightly sugary perfume you may have on hand. Eau de Pancake, anyone? Seriously, ladies, you can’t be outdone by your man. And this crown of pork will ensure that you are the talk of the red carpet. The gem of the gym. The queen of the dance floor.

Created by the good folks at The Anti-Craft, you will find painstaking instructions on how to create your very own bacon head adornment. And I mean painstaking. These people left no detail to chance, and you’ll be the beneficiary of all their research, trial and error. Pork Princesses of the world, claim your throne!

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