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This commercial reminds me of the excruciating year that my husband and I decided to be vegetarians. It would have been a lovely experiment if we hadn’t both gained 10 pounds from all the extra carbs and cheese we packed in trying to feel satisfied. It might also have been a better idea if we’d waited until we’d learned to make a decent salad. It literally lasted 365 days before I flipped out and declared that I simply could not live another day without a piece of chicken. We have not looked back since.


  • Reggie says:

    Brutus, you are the man! While I do love drinking from a tub of soapy, warm, grayish water from a large tub in the tile room, I need something with a little more kick. When I learn to sign my name I will start a petition. Canines Unite!

  • Brutus Lover Forever says:

    Whoa. I feel sorry for those fishies.

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