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Dudes. I am seriously blown away by this latest of culinary creations. Adam Kuban of Serious Eats/A Hamburger Today got a tip from one of his readers about a sandwich now dubbed the Hamburger Fatty Melt, a four-ounce burger patty with two grilled cheese sandwiches for buns. Krispy Kreme cheeseburger, move over! This is an amazing idea if, like me, you love everything bad for you.

But people just couldn’t leave well enough alone. “Where’s the bacon?” they clamored. And rightly so. Don’t we all want bacon on our burgers? It seemed a natural progression. So Mr. Kuban went for it, creating the Bacon Hamburger Fatty Melt. But apparently once he got started, then HE couldn’t leave well enough alone. That’s right, what you see here before you is the Double Bacon Hamburger Fatty Melt, a work of pure evil genius. This monster of a meal consists of three bacon-stuffed grilled cheese sandwiches, and two four-ounce patties, each topped with their own bacon and cheese. Or in other words, five doses of bacon. Five doses of cheese. Six doses of bread and two doses of ground beef. That’s a lot of doses.

And here’s a cross-section shot for those of you who crave more gory details. I especially love the fact that the grilled cheese seems to be on plain old white bread. Brings back the innocence of childhood, but in a form that might kill you. You know Kuban could become a local hero in Texas with this thing. Just like he is in my heart.


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