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muffin-topOne of my least favorite fashion trends in the U.S. is the muffin top. You know, when your jeans get a little too tight, but instead of giving them to Goodwill you just keep rocking them and add a slightly-too-short t-shirt to emphasize your tummy’s accomplishment? I see it less and less, but a couple of years ago I could have sworn someone was actually selling the concept to teens. Half the girls on State Street were sporting muffin tops, and I spent a lot of time shaking my head. I’m not saying I’ve never spilled over the top of my jeans, I’m just saying I wore a long, flowy shirt to fool myself. Probably didn’t fool anyone else.

“Why is she rambling about this?” you’re wondering. Well in England they call this look the Bacon Belt. Which I find far more descriptive and less flattering than the American term. But, I guess you gotta call a spade a spade, and the English are pretty blunt people.

bacon-beltNow, to redeem the term altogether, Archie McPhee has given us something more literal. The Bacon Belt, seen here looking extra rock-star with a Slayer t-shirt, is made of vinyl and runs $24.95.

If you’ve got a little more cash to spare, you can get this custom bacon and eggs belt from the Etsy Belt shop. The buckle is made of pewter, and at $460, this would be a serious sign of your devotion to the pork belly. Totally worth it, right? bacon-eggs-belt

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