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bacon-apple.jpgIn case you haven’t already met, I just have to introduce you to the Annals of Bacon Research. I’m super impressed with this team, first because they paired the word annals, which my husband cannot say or look at without laughing, with bacon, which makes my husband say repeatedly, “bacon annals. bacon annals.” Second, because they have taken it upon themselves to find new and improved ways to incorporate bacon into everyone’s daily life.

bacondaise.jpgThis first thing I’m going to try from this site is the bacondaise – hollandaise made with bacon grease. Genius. And I’m totally going to pour it over bacon cheese grits with a poached egg on top. Like a southern-style benedict. The next thing I’m going to try is actually saving my bacon grease. It may surprise you to learn that a bacon-lover like myself doesn’t already do so, but having grown up with a can of bacon grease on the stove, there’s always been a strange stigma surrounding this concept, like it was unique to old motherly types. After much talk therapy, I’m finally coming to believe that many fine gourmands treasure bacon grease like French truffles. (I’m going to forego the can for a cute jar with an air-seal snap top in order to justify it to my husband.)

I love recipe sites and trying new things. The fact that the Bacon Research Team has devoted their scientific inquiry and resulting resources to all things bacon just makes my day. Thanks, guys, and keep up the good work!

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