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I’m a pretty big fan of my dog. I personally bathe him and clean his ears and have spent an ungodly amount of money on his propensity to injure himself. Our house and yard are littered with dog beds and chew toys and fashionable collars and leashes. And treats? Forget about it. The top of the fridge has no fewer than three different varieties at any given time. Further, anytime I can reasonably prepare him a toned-down portion of what we’re having for dinner, I do. My parents think I’m nuts.

And still I can’t say that I ever baked my dog a birthday cake. Check it out! It’s amazing! Pupperoni for candles, and yes, that is real bacon adorning the side of the cake. I was more than stunned when I saw this cake. I was jealous of this professional chef and her dog-spoiling skills. I was sad that my dog never had it so good. And I was a little hungry.

While the chef doesn’t give an exact recipe, she does list the all-natural ingredients. And speaking of the chef, you really should check out the rest of her blog, I Shot the Chef. Lots of great recipe ideas and beautiful photographs of food. And let’s face it, without photographs, recipes can be pretty unmotivating. I have yet to buy a recipe book that wasn’t full of mouth-watering images.

And so a new standard has been set in my life. And though my poor, orphaned dog (whose birth date I don’t even know) will never have a cake that looks this great, his adoption anniversaries are likely to become much more delicious.

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  • Candace says:

    Thanks for appreciating my doggy cake! I can see you are a dog lover (and clearly a bacon lover) too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    And about the doggy birthday… celebrate the day you adopted them. That’s what we do!

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