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I’ve seen a lot of microwave bacon cookers in my day, but most of them are about the same. They’re usually a tray with poles or slats to drape the bacon over, allowing the grease to drip off and the bacon to (supposedly) become crisp in the process. The WowBacon is not so very different in concept, but for some reason is shaped like a pitcher, I guess to allow you to hang really long strips of bacon. The best thing about the shape is that it keeps everything contained so grease doesn’t splatter your microwave walls. And then of course you can pour the grease easily into your handy bacon grease jar.

Once again, I must confess that I’m not a microwave user. And I have serious doubts about any microwave device claiming to deliver crispy (crispy clean!) bacon. However, it does appear to have the least clean-up of any I’ve seen, and that alone makes it a notch above the rest. And look! They know how to use the internets!

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