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There are an amazing number of recipes in existence that pair up the salty with the sweet. I myself rarely mix the two. Can’t stand sweet & sour chicken. Don’t want pineapple on my pizza. The thought of pickles and ice cream has made me sterile. Bacon is the only exception. Does it go great with maple syrup? Yes. Will I try pretty much anything with bacon in it? Absolutely.

And so I’m perfectly happy to endorse the Bacon Apple Pie. It’s made with fresh apples, which is the only way an apple pie should be made. The recipe is simple, but as you can see, a little fancy work with the pastry makes it beautiful. And really, anytime someone bakes something from scratch I’m super impressed. It seems like an artform that is fading from the common kitchen as my mom’s generation resigns from cooking.

My favorite part of this recipe is that the serving suggestion includes smoked cheddar cheese, a much better compliment to the smoky bacon and apples than vanilla ice cream. I avoid baking whenever possible, but this recipe is definitely worth the effort. Now where do I keep those oven mitts again?

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