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It turns out that bacon grease is often the center of bets, dares or penalties, generally propagated by individuals between the ages of 16 and 24. If you go to YouTube and enter “bacon grease” you’ll come up with a surprising number of videos of people undertaking the chug challenge. Be forewarned, often this results in projectile vomiting or explosive cursing. Here’s one of the milder (and shorter) entries:

And all I can think is, hey! Don’t waste that bacon grease! Naseem could mix that with some dryer lint and make great kindling for a winter fire! Seriously, fueling a fire is just one of the many great uses for bacon grease. Did you know you could also make soap out of it? And of course it can be used endlessly for making all food (especially anything green) taste even better. Here is a bacon grease resource for all you hoodlums out there.

Naseem and I were actually disappointed in the lack of a comprehensive list of uses for bacon grease, so we’re going to start one today. If you have any unique uses of your own (particularly outside the kitchen) please send them our way! This is your chance to share your knowledge with the world…and maybe keep some troubled youth from causing themselves harm. Won’t you help today?

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