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bacon-martini.jpgIt seems nearly unfathomable that it has taken me this long to get to it. I saw it months ago. I noticed it on a menu in Vegas. I’ve been simultaneously intrigued and repulsed since it first came to my attention. It’s a Bacon Martini, and I cannot imagine the mind that came up with this wacky idea. Thanks Double Down Saloon!

You can find this baby all over the interweb, but this particularly handy website gives you the knowledge you need to first bacon-infuse your favorite clear liquor, then make a smoky martini out of it. Unfortunately, it also expounds upon this idea, adding another dozen bacon-themed recipes to the original. Then, for a final kick to the gut, there are photos of sausage and spam martinis. Mmmm…who’s thirsty?

As much as I am a proponent of all things bacon, I’m not sure I can back this invention. Although in all fairness I haven’t tried it. And I suppose I can’t knock it unti I do. Anyone dare me?

(Special thanks to Chrissy for providing this much more tasteful and chic site where they make Bacon Vodka look like an artform. And a fabulous homemade gift idea!)

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