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I’ve always been happy to be a member of my generation. Sure, we’re considered slackers and technology addicts, and many of us are terrible at geography and world affairs. But hey, the Internet? Reliable cars? The Pixies? The comforts of my life more than make up for the bad reputation. One of these small but incredibly convenient comforts is highly absorbent paper towels. I use them for everything from cleaning the bathroom mirror to substituting for a proper napkin at the dinner table. Apparently in 1964, this was some kind of impressive luxury, something new and improved. Yes, double-ply paper towels thick enough to handle bacon grease! And Kleenex is the brand to bring it to you! Will wonders never cease?

Do two-ply paper towels even exist anymore? I’ve never bought one. And aren’t paper towels now the quintessential partner of bacon? You can’t eat bacon without first draining it on paper towels. Was this where people first got the idea? Did Kleenex invent this concept? Did people just eat really greasy bacon before 1964?

Wow, that sounds gross. See? Chalk another one up for Generation X.

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