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I once titled a post Bacon Sushi? because I figured…it doesn’t exist. I can waste that title because I’ll never find real bacon sushi to post about, right? Right?! WRONG!

So let me backtrack by saying that my husband and I went to a fancy schmancy sushi place with friends recently. The kind of place where you can get a roll called “The Italian” which features sun-dried tomatoes. The kind of place with a menu longer than Moby Dick. The kind of place where every single customer is white. Now, I live in Santa Barbara so that may not be saying much, but you catch my drift. It’s the kind of place you think you might just find bacon on the menu, because they serve rolls with pretty much every conceivable ingredient, served on a rainbow of non-Japanese sauces.

Point is, bacon was NOT on the menu, and I assumed that was the end of that story. But where there is a will, there is a way. I should have known that some blogger out there had done it, and would be willing to share the recipe, no less. So here it is, the Bacon Avocado Roll, courtesy of Throw some tomato and arugula in there, and you’ve got the world’s poshest BLT.


  • I just made my own bacon avocado roll the other day. When I thought of it, I was quite thrilled by the brilliance of the idea, and then I see that others have thought of it as well. It was tasty, but I don’t really think the bacon added that much flavor. Ah well.

  • DeathChef says:

    Needs moar bacon! try using the elements of harmony to make some moar ask twilight sparkle she knows where they are and if your lucky rainbow dash might help you!

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