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bacon-tux.jpgLet’s say you’re a studly high school senior looking to make a splash at the prom. It’s your last year and you want to go out with a bang. But how? Exploding pants? Spiking the punch? Streaking during the coronation of the Prom Queen? Come on, kid. Be original! Be remembered! Be AROMATIC!

Yes, the fine folks at Archie McPhee bring you the Bacon Print Tuxedo. What an amazing prom photo it makes! And just to take the experience one step farther, it even smells like bacon! This product just screams for exclamation points! And at just a hundred bucks, you can still afford dinner at your favorite schmaltzy restaurant before the party. Although with this scented suit on, you might want to stick to the local BBQ joint.

In case you’re the one bacon enthusiast on the planet not familiar with Archie McPhee, this company is the most prolific peddler of bacon products I’ve ever seen. I visited the mother-store in Seattle last year, and it was difficult to walk out without ten kinds of bacon-scented, bacon-printed, bacon-flavored doodads for the folks back home. You’ll be hearing more about their fine wares right here at the Society. In the meantime, get to ordering! Prom season is just around the corner. Followed immediately by wedding season. Consider it a two-fer…you can thank me later.

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