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ilovebacon.jpgWow. I’m overwhelmed by my love of the website I’m about to share with you. The Bacon page of the Uncyclopedia is far and away the best time suck I’ve experienced this month. Maybe this year. Possibly this century. Beyond the vast mountain of funformation about bacon, there are about a million links to other equally fascinating subjects, like the Kool-Aid Man, sharks and Scientology. Not to mention that they totally corroborate my story about the Earl of Sandwich and the BLT. Why they forgot to include the Earl of Bacon in the article I cannot imagine.

Ever wondered about the important role that bacon has played in the realms of literature or Russian History? You’ll find your answers here. Are you aware of the atrocities committed on bacon by Benito Mussolini? Inquiring minds will finally know. I’ll cut this post short because its going to take you the next 4 days to tear yourself away from the Uncyclopedia. When you finally do, come on back to the Society, where the bacon never ends…

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