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via Mrs. MinchWow, seems I was not the only one to hear about the Bacon & Eggs costume. And what’s even better, people have been coming up with their own version of the bacon get-up for quite some time. If you go to flickr and do a search for “bacon costume,” you’ll come up with hundreds of images. Yes, some of them are Kevin Bacon, and after a while some of the pictures are just plain silly, but i’m just saying…bacon is as wearable as it is delicious!

And speaking of wearable bacon, here’s a little jewel to top it all off. From StudioMarcy’s Etsy shop, these bacon-shaped glass beads are ready to become whatever you can imagine. They can be your new earrings! The centerpiece to a beaded necklace! Or for you bacon-loving hippies out there, weave them into your hair wrap! Heck, if you used the right colors, the whole wrap could look like a long, skinny strip of bacon hanging from your head!

And strangely I’ve just lost my appetite.

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