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Bacon Pizza…Hallelujah!

Could there be two more heavenly words than bacon and pizza? And I don't mean that Canadian variety so popular with the pineapples. I'm talking fat-marbled, skillet-fried, greasy, delicious bacon. According to Serious Eats' Slice report, Famous Original Ray's in…
June 10, 2008

Birthday Bacon

As I mentioned yesterday, we had one heck of a party to celebrate our good friend Naseem last weekend. Wine tasting was followed by wine drinking, followed by many taxi-cabs and occasionally getting shushed by my husband for talking too…
June 17, 2008
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The Eternal Struggle Rages On

It's a question as old as time: to meat, or not to meat. I know lots of vegetarians, and just as many former vegetarians who fell off the old meat-wagon. If you were struggling to control your carnivorous instincts, can…
June 11, 2008
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Bacon v Fries

And you thought the race between Obama and McCain was tough. Can you imagine having to choose between Bacon and Fries? Although clearly, the more versatile candidate won. Somehow I just knew Bacon was a Dem.   via lazerdave's Flickr…
November 6, 2008
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A Swine of Relief

Thank you, National Pig Association of the United Kingdom, for giving us all a heart attack imagining life with a bacon shortage! Insert squeal... The real blame, however, goes to our hyper crazy global media outlets that took the title…
October 2, 2012
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