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Bacon Pants

This is Aaron Rowand. He's a baseball player. He formerly played for the White Sox and the Phillies, and is currently center fielder for the San Francisco Giants. I cannot tell you how often I come across his name during…
July 24, 2008

Kevin Bacon 1958 – Eternity

Born in Philadelphia, Kevin Bacon is the youngest of six children. His prolific film career began in 1982 with the critically acclaimed Diner. It was with 1984's Footloose, however, that Kevin became a Hollywood icon. Although he experienced an artistic…
June 14, 2008
Random Bacon


If you're reading this blog, there's a chance you like bacon. If you follow more than one blog, there's a chance you also like other time-wasting, Internet-based nonsense, like Facebook and Twitter. If any or all of those things are…
January 8, 2009
Bacon RecipesMost Popular Bacon

Bacon-Wrapped Eggs

When my husband became enamored of Eggs Benedict, I learned to make them at home. The hollandaise is time-consuming, but not as difficult as I had imagined. The egg poaching, however, I never quite mastered. Instead, I bought these handy…
August 13, 2008
Bacon Gifts

Huggable Bacon!

First things first, you may have noticed that we've updated the site! My never-ending thanks to Naseem, the brainiac behind the design. I can't even tell you guys how much time she spends thinking about the look and functionality of…
November 24, 2010
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