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Back and Bacony!

Bacon Lovers, I've missed you. I'm sorry we were gone so long. I was heavily distracted by all things domestic and my new project: home ownership. March was a long month, but April holds great promise. So while I was out,…
April 8, 2009

Bacon Cake Redux

More bacon cake, this time for humans! This is a simple cornbread cake with crumbled bacon and maple/cream cheese frosting between the layers and, of course, on top. Yum! Have you ever done a bacon search of Flickr? Crazy stuff.…
July 1, 2008
Random Bacon

Know Your Bacon

How well do you know bacon? Do you know something about it's history? Do you have a favorite brand? Do you know about it's omega-3 fatty acid content, or lack thereof? I'm a sucker for quizzes and surveys, so when…
January 13, 2009
Bacon Pet Products

Move over Snausages!

Last night the roommates brought home the BEST. TREAT. EVER. They're called Bakon Stripz, and like the bag says, they do make me go wacko. Stark-raving, foaming at the mouth insane, in fact. They smell exactly like barbecue sauce, which…
April 10, 2008
Bacon Art

Bacon Haikus and Zombies

I love haiku. It's a poetry form that requires discipline, but only briefly. Like a tiny sudoku or a 24-tile Rubik's cube. Once, during a particularly stressful time at work, my bo ss and I relieved our stress by exchanging…
January 7, 2009
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