In 1962, Arnold Barach dared to dream of a bright future, a world filled with ultrasonic dishwashers, electronic teaching machines, and yes, toaster bacon. Of course! It’s genius! Pre-cooked bacon sealed in aluminum pouches that can be easily re-heated by merely popping them in your countertop toaster. Like a meaty version of a Pop-Tart

In 1975: And the Changes to Come, Mr. Barach explores the many ways our world would change in just less than 15 years. This included kitchen innovations, some which were right on the money. Others, like the combo oven/freezer, didn’t make it so far. Some technology, like the television set that could receive signals from satellites around the world (!) came so true this guy must have felt like Nostradamus.

Seems that spheres were going to have a big year in 1975. Orb-shaped tabletop ovens and hi-fi systems would keep modern homes from appearing too “square.” Wow! Modern day miracles that were both convenient and stylish. I’m sold!

Sadly, I have yet to take delivery of any toaster bacon. I wonder what Arnold Barach would have thought of Bacon in a Can??

Via Bostworld.

Internet, I love you. You let people do and say whatever they want, and you don’t judge them for it. If people want to shout their political views, you give them a soapbox to stand on. If they want to share their beautiful artwork, you provide them a virtual museum. And if they want to make t-shirts and accessories to proclaim their love of bacon, by gum you become a mega-mall of bounty.

The CafePress Bacon Shop has an amazing array of bacon shirts, hats, onesies, panties, aprons, dog shirts, clocks…the list goes on and on. I had a hard time deciding which images to include in this post. There are so many good ones. I loved “OMG IT’S BACON!” and “I’d like you more if you smelled like bacon.” And oh my gosh the “100% Pure Kitten Bacon.” Who are these people and what do they do when they’re not designing bacon t-shirts?

As far as I’m concerned, 90% of my Christmas, birthday, anniversary and bridal shower shopping is now under control. The other 10% will be done at the grocery store. Thanks, CafePress, for making my life so easy. And thank you, Internet, for being my everything.

When you’re really into a thing, sometimes you want to wear your love on your sleeve. Or, in this case, on your feet. I give you the Eggs & Bacon Hi-Top, a style for any occasion.

I’m a huge Converse fan and have been wearing Chuck Taylor’s since I was 12, so I wasn’t terribly surprised to find that Converse was the company to make the leap into breakfast fashion. I’m especially fond of the plastic picnic table cloth motif on which the bacon & eggs are set. And the yellow trim and laces really emphasize those sunny-side up yolks. The only thing that could make these shoes better is a little scratch ‘n’ sniff technology. I’m giving them an A+, winner through and through.

Unfortunately, this must have been a limited edition design because I haven’t been able to find them for purchase. If anyone out there knows where they can be found, please report back. In the meantime, let’s go get some breakfast. For some reason I’m suddenly starving.

I don’t know if any of you watch The View, but Michelle Obama appeared with those crazy ladies last week. They did a piece on breakfast where a nutritionist informed us that it IS the most important meal of the day, and made lots of healthy breakfast suggestions. Michelle Obama revealed that she and Barack are bacon eaters, and would not hear of eating Canadian or turkey bacon. Arteries be damned, the Obamas are sticking with the pork. See? He’s totally not Muslim.

Nathaniel Bacon was a wealthy diplomat in the young colony of Virginia, best known for his instigation of the Virginia Rebellion, now called Bacon’s Rebellion. Frustrated by high taxes, low tobacco prices and favoritism shown by Virginia’s Governor William Berkeley, Bacon rallied other landholders around the common issue of the  pestilence  of Native Americans. In their Declaration of the People of Virginia, they demanded that all Natives in the territory be removed or killed. After months of battle, Bacon’s militia burned the capitol of Jamestown to the ground. A month later, however, his death by dysentery led to the collapse of the violent rebellion. Karma much?

Bacon tidBit

  • Bacon’s Rebellion was not without results. When King Charles II caught wind of Governor Berkeley’s behavior, the governor was removed from his post and sent packing back to England.

Love to eat, but hate to floss? Me, too! I won’t elaborate on my mental process, but the very thought of flossing kind of grosses me out. That’s why the good folks at Archie McPhee have done it again. Bacon Floss allows you to enjoy all the foods you love, and then makes the grueling task of flossing a little less painful by adding the flavor of crispy fried bacon. A perfect accompaniment to the Bacon Toothpick for making your mouth squeaky (and smoky) clean!

As Archie asks, is there anything bacon can’t improve? For us carnivores, the answer seems to be no! There’s nothing we won’t try with a little bacon on top. From appetizers to sides, entrees to desserts, bacon has earned its place in every course. And now we welcome bacon to the world of responsible oral hygiene. It’s only a matter of time before we’re making edible bacon dishes. Oh wait, we already did…

In the tradition of seeing the Virgin Mary on your tortilla or the Shroud of Turin on your toast, this nice lady saw a vision of hippos in her rashers. And I think this may be a true miracle, because not one but ALL FOUR bacon slices revealed the portly African beast, as if to send a warning.  Hippos reportedly kill more humans than any other wild animal, and here are four harbingers of death on the grill. Is bacon really THAT BAD for us? Am I to take this as a sign? Should I stop eating bacon while I’m ahead?!

Nah. Probably just a cute coincidence. Hooray hippo bacon!

How bored are kids today when they go out and deface a public phone? And what does it say about our society when they’ve ceased to use swear words or gang affiliations, and begun to idolize bacon? Is it a sign of a lazy, slovenly generation? Or is it totally awesome? Perhaps a clever display of irony? Maybe we’ll never know.